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.28 icons from several icontest

These are the icons that I made in April and May for several icon contests, such as basic_icontest ¬ perioddrama_ic ¬ capicontest
¬ elitesimplicity ¬ color_inspired ¬ total_icontest ¬ ic_animated

ICONS [80]

I am now taking a break this Summer from participating in these contests (I think lol!), as I'm busy with Guardian Icon Battle and Comics Icon Battle, besides work and spending time outside in the sun lol ;)


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¤ Icons are free to take :)
¤ Do not alter them.
¤ Comment if you take/download :)
¤ Remember to credit kakapum :)
¤ Thank you! :)

!texture 21; and icon bases!

Icon bases: puppies [1 set] & Avatar the last airbender [1 set]
Textures [2 sets] + 1 big texture [1000x744px]

Okay, not only icon textures, this time I've also got 1 big texture (lol) and some icon bases for you ^^.
I'd love to see what amazing icons you can come up with using these bases - please tell me, off course with a link to your icons ;) That would make my day!~
Btw, only 1 of the 'Inverted' textures are made by me (nr. 20). The rest I've found or altered into its form, from weheartit.com. Other textures are entirely made by me :) The puppies bases are altered by me, using pictures also from WeHeartIt. When I use that site as resource for specific things, I'll put the 'we<3it' logo on the preview picture, since I do not know from where the original pictures are from ;)

Take care, folks!

Avatar - FirstMeeting - iconbases (Kakapum@lj) by shiruji
Here at my DeviantArt :)

Cute Puppies (100x100 bases) - Kakapum@lj by shiruji
Here at my Deviantart :)

WeHeartIt: Invert 01 (Kakapum@lj) by shiruji
Here at my DeviantArt :)

Teenage Girl's Emotions (Kakapum@lj) by shiruji
Here at my DeviantArt:)

Big version here at my DeviantArt :)

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