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.23 old is gold

Are you in need of some inspirations regarding icon textures? Don't know what to do to spice up your icon making? :) Are you in need of new stuff? Well, I believe that old is gold <3 Here are some textures/makers that are great for when it comes to making icons! I don't know if you have already seen all of these textures, but here are some from some talented people here at LJ :)

Get inspired~

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I (carpenterchild) am now a member of several icon contest here on LJ! :) I'm glad to find some icontest communities, similar to the ones I used to participate in back when I made my older icons. Please do have a look at these communities - they sure look super fun! :)

basic_icontest An Icontest with Bases on Anything

elitesimplicity An Icontest with Simple/Minimalistic Compositions

perioddrama_ic An Icontest with Period Dramas

capicontest An Icontest using Screencaptures from capspiration