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ICONS [31]

Here are the icons I made for the Comics icon Battle over at dreamdwidth :) Each of us had to make 24 icons, (the first participants claiming to join got to provide 3 pictures of comics that everyone could use to make icons of). I really enjoyed this battle :) I hope there will be a similar battle in near future! ~


Hoover over icons for names of comics. Click on each icon to get to the original image/comic cover)


All of the participants' 104 icons are here:

See the 104(!!) icons from the all participants here (or click on picture)

¤ Icons are free to take :)
¤ Do not alter them.
¤ Comment if you take/download :)
¤ Remember to credit kakapum :)
¤ Thank you! :)
Tags: !battle, !icons, animanga: misc, theme: anime/manga/cartoon/comic/drawing, theme: asian, tv: buffy the vampire slayer, ✚carpenterchild

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