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kaqueski and I used to share stuff here back in the days, but then life took hold of us, in a good way, but we stopped being active here at LJ. Now, 6 years later,  carpenterchild misses the fun, and is back again at kakapum, braver than ever! :)
If kaqueski ever wants to come back, she'll be warmly welcomed<3.

none right now :)



All Round Up Battles I participated in over at DreamWidth since August :) I'm Shiruji over at DW by the way ;)

GUARDIAN BATTLE (final round)

Round 4/4 Icons HERE :)
This was such a fun battle to participate in! <3


Round Up (with screencaps) is HERE :)


Round up is HERE :)


Round up is HERE :)

!texture 35; let's make it simple

I've made so many new icontextures since I last posted textures here at kakapum. I have not had the time to upload each single new one yet, but I still want to show them so that you can use them to make icons~. So let's make it simple! Links to all new textures are below :)


All 2019 icontextures HERE
All 2006-2013 icontextures HERE
All big textures HERE

¤ Textures are free to take/use :).
¤ Comment if you take/download :)
¤ Remember to credit kakapum :)
¤ Thank you! :)


ICONS [20]
Age Matters (webcomic)

Anyone reading any comic, manga or webcomics lately? Because that's what I'm currently hooked on xD It might be because it is summer and I want to read something 'light' and with not too long chapters. At the moment I find them amusing and relaxing to read! :D I'm catching up at Webtoon (site/app) for some: True Beauty, Cursed Princess Club, Age Matters, Skate!!! Fire 100, The Red King, Choco Latte, and I want to read 44 other when there's time lol! ... Don't ask me what I'm reading at fanfox.net & mangarock.com etc., as there are too many xD


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¤ Icons are free to take :)
¤ Do not alter them.
¤ Comment if you take/download :)
¤ Remember to credit kakapum :)
¤ Thank you! :)